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Entry #54

Two New Breakbeat Tracks That Can Heal AIDS of The leukemia of The Eyes!

2010-01-14 02:11:45 by Marks-a-lot

I was not kidding when I said these songs will Heal AIDS of The leukemia of The Eyes. These songs advanced medical science 40 years into the future and then brought back science and took the hover boards it stole from Doc Brown.

Blue Heaven, Ambient/Breaks

Don't Call Me Fat, Tek-Breaks


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2010-01-15 03:03:21

well i had AIDS of The leukemia of The Eyes. but not any more because i listened to your songs ty.

Marks-a-lot responds:

yea that's good an all but I should probably mention that is you listen to it again you have a chance of getting AIDS of the leukemia of the just don't listen to the song an odd number of times.


2010-02-21 15:18:54

Cool songs, yo!


2010-02-21 15:20:08

Damn, I listened to them an odd number of times! Crap. Oh well, you're in my favs now.

Marks-a-lot responds:

I hope your cancer of the leukemia of the eyes feels nice and mushy after all those listens. Thanks for the comment...Kevin Bacon


2010-05-10 23:39:11

Dude, I feel bad for all you Detroit fans....yet at the same time I'm glad we wooped you guys! ^-^ GO SHARKS!

Marks-a-lot responds:

Yea well you guys deserved it. We didn't really have a good year, but next year we're gonna smear Shark blood all over HP Pavilion. And since San Jose took us out I gotta hope they go all the way, I hate to say it but GO SHARKS!


2010-05-22 01:01:50

Man, fuck the Blackhawks!!!! >:(

Marks-a-lot responds:

Yea it's not looking good for San Jose. IF Chicago wins I hope they get swept by the Flyers. a series aint over till that fourth game is one though so the Sharks still got a chance.


2010-11-13 19:54:20

Go wings.