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Fall Cleansing and Updating

2009-09-11 17:15:30 by Marks-a-lot

Just doing some cleaning up on my account and on my computers. My producing computer is without an OS right now so it is out of commission for the time being. I did however bring an old computer back from the dead (which I am using now.) I have taken down any songs without a favorite and edited titles with the "[V]" insignia on it. The tracks that still have the insignia are songs I am thinking about putting on an album, doubt that will come anytime soon though.I have been away from NG for a while with the new semester starting up, a couple of vacations, and the formatting of computers but hopefully I'll be back in a few more weeks.


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2009-09-12 20:29:17

Im at the GS

Marks-a-lot responds:

Im in your basement


2009-09-29 17:34:11

I demand more awesome DnB tracks.. NAO!! >:-(

Marks-a-lot responds:



2009-10-05 16:59:27

Definitely love your two new tracks. Come on AIM again. I have a pretty nice darkstep track for you :o Good luck on future tracks!


Marks-a-lot responds:

dokie okie, I'll be on late tonight [10/5/09]